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As a part of the diet specific line of sprouted wheat breads, Alvarado Street Bakery has just released a new product – Fundamental Fiber Bread. This wide-body, deli-style loaf offers a whopping 5 grams of fiber per slice!


We’ve all heard about the benefits of fiber in relation to good health. Fiber can help lower cholesterol levels, and helps in the absorption of the important vitamins and minerals that every body needs. Fiber can also help in weight loss – fiber makes you feel full without adding a lot of calories. Fiber rich foods tend to be lower in fat, as well.


Made with sprouted wheat, Fundamental Fiber Bread is the only fiber-rich flour-less certified organic bread available anywhere!


Other breads in the diet specific line include Sprouted No-Salt Bread, Essential Flax Seed Bread, Sprouted Soy Crunch, and Diebetic Lifestyles Bread.

Alvarado Street Bakery is in it's 30th year and is owned and managed entirely by the employees. Alvarado Street Bakery makes sprouted wheat breads and bagels that are sold in grocery stores and natural food stores nationally and internationally.

  • Sprouted Organic Whole Wheat Berries
  • Filtered Water
  • Wheat Gluten
  • Oat Fiber
  • Organic Dates
  • Fresh Yeast
  • Organic Raisins
  • Organic Vinegar
  • Cultured Wheat
  • Sea Salt
  • Safflower Oil
  • Pure Barley Malt