Sprouted Wheat Hemp & Hops: Banned on Facebook, Good for Everyone

Our newest Black Label bread — Sprouted Wheat Hemp & Hops — blends organic hulled hemp and organic whole hops together with other whole grains to produce a uniquely flavored bread that’s full of wholesome ingredients.

Two ingredients most people associate with blowing off some steam or just chilling out, we’ve brought them together to form a dizzyingly delicious bread — but there’s nothing illegal about our bread. It’s made with non-intoxicating organic hemp, a crop that's known for its amazing versatility and being safe for all ages. Best of all: it's delicious. And you should try it!



Buy a Loaf, Send $1 to Charity

We've never been in the business of making money at the cost of doing good. And to make sure everyone knows that's the case today, we're putting our money where our big mouth is. For every loaf of Sprouted Wheat Hemp & Hops Bread you buy, we'll donate $1 to Feeding America, the nation's network of food banks.  


Get yourself some Hemp & Hops

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Why are we doing this?

Read our blog to see more about why this all started.

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It's all in good fun.

Look, we know Facebook makes mistakes -- truly, really, unforgivable mistakes, people. We think their rejection of our ads was probably innocent. But it doesn't change the fact that our bread got censored, and it's time to take a stand. So join us: stand up and tell Facebook to #FreetheBread.

So share in the fun with us.



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