An Environmentally Conscious Business

Solar Powered Bakery

Our bakery's solar array consists of 1,722 solar panels on our 1.5 acre-roof!

Being a worker owned business whose mission is to provide whole grained baked goods which promote sustainable agriculture, we are especially proud to say we now produce breads baked by the oldest energy source on the planet. Yes, like in the ancient days in Egypt when sprouted breads were baked on ovens that relied on the sun, we now bake our sprouted baked goods with 40% of the electricity coming from the sun.

You, as our customers, are the ones who have made it possible for us to afford this solar panel installation. Your purchases of our products have made our vision come true and, for this, we kindly thank you!

Bay Area Green Business Green Jobs Award


All of the 116 workers of Alvarado Street Bakery are very much focused on making the company a sustainable "green" bakery to reduce its foot print on our precious environment. Together, we hope to lead the way for other bakeries and food producers across the US and the world. We aim to prove that any dedicated business can be green, profitable, and successful just like ours. Of course, it takes a team to make it happen. Thanks to our loyal customers who purchase our breads at their favorite stores or online, we are able to realize our dream of being a solar powered-bakery.

Our areas of environmental focus are:

  • Energy conservation and green energy production by use of solar panels
  • Water conversation by workers' training and involvement
  • Waste reduction and proper recycling techniques
  • Pollution prevention in every facet of our business



US Green Business Certified

Did you know that Alvarado Street Bakery is a Sonoma County Green Certified Business and that it is was one of only ten businesses awarded a National Green Jobs award?

Solar Powered Bakery Petaluma CA
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