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Banned on Facebook?

The Bread So Dizzyingly Delicious, Facebook Doesn’t Want to Promote It

For nearly 40 years at Alvarado Street Bakery, we’ve been a worker-owned organic bakery making good products for good people. We source organic whole grains and sprout them to life right here in our bakery, and mix them with all sorts of other wholesome ingredients to create delicious and healthy baked goods.

So when we launched our delicious new Sprouted Wheat Hemp & Hops br...

The health benefits of sprouted grains

Bakeries love throwing around terms that make their bread seem healthy. “Stone ground” or “multigrain” breads, for instance, might be a cut above your average loaf – or they might not, since those terms are often loosely defined, if they’re defined at all. 

But here at Alvarado Street Bakery, we don’t just throw around fancy words to dupe our customers; we want you to know what’s really in our breads, what makes them special, and ...

Ringing in a Healthy New Year

With 2019 upon us, it’s the season for making big changes and looking to a brighter — and healthier — future. It’s when people look back at all their holiday indulgence and say, “Oh, boy, we need to get fit!”

We’re here to help… with all of our deliciously healthy bread as part of your wholesome new-year diet. 

See, at Alvarado Street Bakery, we love delicious food. But we love healthy food, too. So we like to...

Sprout your kids: Tips to help them love sprouted bread

School’s almost in session, and with it, another year of school lunches. If you pack your kids’ lunch, it can be frustrating when they get too picky. All parents want their little students to start the year off right — focusing in class, playing hard at recess, with enough left over for homework and family time. Whole grains and wholesome foods are the perfect fuel for busy kids, but how do you convince a picky eater to try something new?

At Alvarado Street, kids h...

Uniquely Delicious: Hemp Plus Hops and Other Unique Black Label Ingredients

Hemp and hops. Flax and chia. Coffee flour. At Alvarado Street Bakery, we’re pretty big on trying new things. It’s how we started, after all: taking wheat berries and sprouting them, and baking up something amazing.

We’re proud of our original lineup of breads — our Sprouted Whole Wheat and Sprouted California Style breads are fan favorites and, we think, perfect just as they are. We don’t want to mess with perfect. But we’re restless creatures: a...

What Is Sprouted Wheat? August 2016

Bread is an important food most everyone can enjoy. If you want to be sure that you are getting the healthiest and best tasting breads available, you need to know about Alvarado Street Bakery’ sprouted wheat breads.

What is sprouted wheat bread? It is bread made using a method of sprouting the whole grain to make the dough. The whole grain goes straight from the organic wheat farm to Alvarado Street Bakery where it is soaked and sprouted. The ...
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True Organic Companies July 2016

Did you know that Alvarado Street Bakery is an organic bakery and a worker-owned cooperative? That means that the people who work at the bakery also own and manage it. There are 82 of us as of 2018. We are not owned by any corporation and never will be.

Our co-op (short for cooperative) is not only Certified Organic, we also make sure to only use Non-GMO Ingredients (non-genetically modified ingredients)...
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Videos with Healthy Grocery Girl June 2016

Very Exciting news! We have a new monthly video series of easy & delicious recipes hosted by Healthy Grocery Girl® that features Alvarado Street Bakery products. You will want to check these recipes out! Please take a moment to subscribe to our YouTube Channel here.

Below is a view at our first three videos with the fabulous Megan Roosevelt. Megan i...
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Mid-Week Insta-Inspiration May 2016

Once a week, we post delicious, fun, nutritional and interesting ideas on our Facebook Page. We call those Mid-Week Insta-Inspirations. We hope you will be inspired to try new delicious recipes using Alvarado Street Bakery's organic bread products. At Alvarado Street Bakery, we strongly believe that eating healthy does not have to be boring...
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National Grilled Cheese Day April 2016

Happy National Grilled Cheese Day! Yes, April 12th is the National Grilled Cheese Day. "Why?" you ask and "Why not?" we answer. Americans, and many around the world, love a good old fashioned grilled cheese sandwich. The modern American Grilled Cheese actually started around 1920 when sliced bread and cheese became affordable to all and readily available.

There is something very comforting about a grilled cheese sandwich. Maybe it is due to its ...
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Our bakery's mission is to give superior service in providing the finest quality baked-goods to our valued customers nationwide by utilizing a worker-owned and managed cooperative business structure and to strive to use whole grain and organic ingredients whenever possible, to support sustainable agriculture practices and healthy living.

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