Workers' Feedback

alvarado employee testimonial

Scott Shriver

When Scott Shriver started in 2004, he knew this was going to be a long term career. As one of our Territory Sales Managers, he meets with lots of enthusiastic fans of Alvarado breads. His personal favorites are the California Style Buns, the Energy Squares, the Sprouted Sonoma Sun Bread, and the new Black Label Breads.

"I love it when I am in the field representing the co-op, and people come up to me to say they love our breads, and have been buying them for years. It feels like we are making a difference in people's lives."

alvarado employee testimonial

Paul Sanchez

Paul Sanchez, an Alvarado worker since 2006 (in Mixing and Bread Production), says with a smile:

"The bakery is a family to me!"

alvarado employee testimonial

Olivia Hernandez

Olivia Hernandez has worked in the Production Line specializing in bagels since 2014 and yes, bagels are her favorite Alvarado products.

"I work on the Bagel line. I very much like my work and the benefits that we have. I enjoy working here!"

alvarado employee testimonial

Steve Consiglio

One of our Bread Bakers and Packaging workers, Steve Consiglio, explains why he started to work at Alvarado Street Bakery in 2014:

"I wanted to work at ASB because it is a socially responsible company and an excellent example of a worker co-op on a large scale. My favorite breads are the Sprouted Sonoma Sun Bread and the Sprouted Whole Wheat Bread!"

Noe Cortes

Noe Cortes

When Noe Cortes started in 2002, he knew this was more than a job. Noe ships truckloads and maintains inventory at Alvarado Street Bakery. His favorite product is the Sprouted Energy Squares and he says:

"I am very proud of the healthy products that we make."